Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. Funded Projects

The Nature Playscape
(Fundraising in progress)

We plan to turn our backyard garden area into a natural playscape for children of all ages to explore nature, get some energy out and enjoy themselves in a safe, yet challenging landscape. This area will utilize existing natural features  combined with learning areas made from natural materials. In addition, there will be a short trail.

Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. is raising funds to begin work on this project. Donations and sponsorships may be restricted to this project. For more information, contact Katie at

Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. is committed to preserving and protecting the Nature Center. One way we do so is by funding tangible projects that help our visitors enjoy and understand this unique area more fully while increasing recreational opportunities for all. Here is a sampling of our recent and current projects. Funding for these programs comes from memberships, donations, and gift shop proceeds.

ADA Trail Addition

In 1997, Sandy Creek Nature Center built an ADA boardwalk stretching more than a quarter of a mile into the upland woods and intermittent wetlands near the Education & Visitor Center in order to provide mobility-impaired visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

This original portion of the boardwalk trail met ADA standards when it was built, and until recently it extended about 800 feet into the woods behind the Education and Visitor Center as a linear trail that ended at a tributary of the Oconee River.

In early 2016, Sandy Creek Nature Center donated $45,000 to complete this ADA Trail into a loop, providing additional recreational opportunities for the mobility impaired and families with young children.

Managed Forest Project

The goals of the 25-acre Managed Forest Project are to restore forest and early successional ecosystem services and functions, establish high quality wildlife habitat, promote a greater understanding of the workings of a healthy forest essential to a broader appreciation of the natural world and our place in it, demonstrate land management decisions and how they enhance forest ecosystems, and to highlight the need for ecosystem protection and sustainable forest management for goods and ecosystem services.

Visitors will walk a system of trails, experiencing and observing the changing forest and learning about the importance of these changes. Additionally, the significant increase in flora and fauna biodiversity will enhance the visitor experience and highlight healthy forest and ecosystem services. Instructor-led and interpretive displays will further enhance this learning experience.   

How the Board of Directors

Supports the Nature Center

Since the Nature Center opened in 1973, the Board of Directors (Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc.) has been tangibly supporting the nature center by funding projects, special programs, capital improvements and other focused needs. To the right is a chart of many of the contributions Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. has made since 2010.