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"Pie Day" (Annual Meeting every September) 


Members and friends of Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. meet every September to sample pies of many varieties, both sweet and savory, while listening to local music, learning about INC's finances and contributions to the Nature Center, and participating in the annual Silent Auction.  If this seems like something you'd like to experience, consider becoming a member today!

Donate to the
Silent Auction!

Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. is gratefully accepting donations for the popular silent auction held at the annual meeting. Donations are accepted year round.


If you are a local business owner or would be willing to ask a favorite business for a donation, please use the forms below. Donations can be mailed or give us a call and a volunteer or staff member will arrange pick up.


For more information please contact us at or call Emily at  762-400-7734.

At the Annual Meeting, Members & Friends of SCNC, INC. can:

• Bring friends & family.
• Explore the exhibit hall.
• Enjoy live music.
• Eat a variety of delicious homemade pies, both sweet and savory.
• Listen to a brief annual report.
• Hear about progress on current projects.
• Participate in our annual Silent Auction.


Photos from Pie Day 2023

(Photos courtesy of Don Hunter, Katy Manley and Katherine Edison)

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