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Turn your Love for Nature into a Lasting Legacy!

Naming Sandy Creek Nature Center in your last will and testament is a tangible way to ensure that that your commitment to outdoor recreation and education can be enjoyed by generations to come.  Listed below are some ways are some of the options available. 

To discuss these options, please call 762-400-7734 or email

Memorial Gifts and Bequests:

Individuals may choose to make an enduring contribution to the preservation and maintenance of the Nature Center by naming Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. in their will. This gift will be completely free from federal estate tax. If you wish to make a provision in your will, the following general form is suggested: “I give Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. (Tax ID: 23-736-3270), a Georgia not-for-profit corporation, located at 205 Old Commerce Road, Athens, GA 30607, the sum of $______ or ____ percent of the residue of my estate for general purposes.”

If you have already named Sandy Creek Nature Center in your plans, we would like to acknowledge your gift. Please contact us at 762-400-7734 to discuss your gift.


Contributing to our Endowment Fund is another way you can make a gift that will support Sandy Creek Nature Center and its mission. The interest earned each year in our Endowment Fund will available to support the nature center and its work while the principle will be kept intact. By contributing the the Endowment Fund, you will leave a legacy and ensure that the Nature Center serves the community for future generations. To contribute to the Endowment Fund, please call 762-400-7734 or fill out the form below.

Donating Stocks and Bonds:

Individuals may avoid paying capital gains taxes by donating stocks and bonds directly to Sandy Creek Nature Center. Donors are entitled to a charitable income tax reduction equal to the full market value of the stock.


The legal name to include in your plan is: Sandy Creek Nature Center,Inc. Tax ID 23-736-2370.

For more information regarding any of the opportunities outlined above, call: 762-400-7734. or email:

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